You should know that the third common physical impairment after heart disease and arthritis is hearing loss. When you are not really familiar of this, then you should know that such would affect about 50 million Americans. About 20 percent of the US population or one in every five people is affected. Even if the congenital issues are to blame in some cases, so many folks lose their hearing slowly when they would age. According to the data from the NIH, 47% of the adults at age 75 and older have such auditory impairment. Well, the good news is that this condition can be managed through the use of the hearing aids.

Hearing aids are small enough to fit inside or behind the ear. You must know that these electronic devices would make the sound much louder and such would also permit the user to hear much better in many environments. The aids won't just improve the auditory performance but this is going to amplify the sound. A lot would consist of a microphone or amplifier and a receiver that delivers more augmented sounds into the ear. The batteries are also required to power the device.

As said already, about one in five people have some kind of auditory impairment but you should know that not all of them can take advantage from the aid. People with conductive hearing loss for example have structural problems that can only be addressed using surgery or by medical treatment. You have to know that the hearing aids at Southwest Hearing Center are really effective for those folks who have suffered from damage to the inner ear or such auditory nerve. This is considered as sensor neural loss. Such problem is often caused by the noise damage, disease or through aging. The only bright spot to this is that this problem doesn't usually rob a person of their chance to hear completely.

Around 8 million of the Americans are wearing and using hearing aids. This could seem like a lot of people but this is just a fraction of the number that could benefit from their use. According to the audiologists, only about one in 5 people who should wear the device actually does. There are a lot of reasons to this but the lack of the information must be blamed. Due to this, you should know the many kinds of hearing aids that are available so that you can know what you must use. But it would be best that you see the audiologist first.To get more ideas about hearing aids, visit